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Top Reasons to Kick Diet Soda to the Curb

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Not only is diet soda not a “diet” product, it can have negative effects on the health of senior citizens, as well. If you provide home care for an aging parent, here are six reasons to help him or her kick diet soda to the curb!

1. Bigger Waistline

Diet soda has no nutritional value. In fact, studies show seniors who drank diet soda every day gained four times the amount of fat than those who abstained from diet soda completely. This added fat contributes to conditions such as obesity, diabetes, and cancer.

2. Heart Disease

The chances of developing heart disease are almost 43 percent higher in devoted diet soda drinkers. This includes a higher risk of stroke, heart attack, or other cardiovascular events.

3. Headaches

The artificial sweetener in diet soda is linked to headaches in some people. Diet soda has been shown to trigger migraines in some seniors, and many people report withdrawal headaches if they miss even part of their regular daily diet soda intake.

4. Tooth Decay

Diet soda is one of the worst things for teeth. It can cause erosion of the tooth enamel similar to that of a meth user and will actually dissolve dentures.

5. Depression

Seniors who drink diet soda are more likely to develop depression, which is already a concern for those over 65. People who down four cans of diet soda daily are approximately 30 percent more likely to be diagnosed with depression than people who don’t drink soda.

6. Brittle Bones

Those who drink diet soda regularly have lower bone density than those who do not. In a study by Tufts University, women who were regular soda drinkers had 4% lower density in their hips. It’s believed calcium carbonate is pulled from the bones to neutralize the phosphoric acid found in diet sodas.

Seniors who are set in their food and drink routine might be reluctant to make significant changes, like cutting out diet soda. An experienced and friendly caregiver can come as-needed to grocery shop, cook, and provide the additional support your loved one needs to maintain a healthier, new diet. Learn more about respite care in Denver by calling (720) 443-3371 and scheduling a free in-home consultation with a knowledgeable Care Manager.

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