Why Seniors Should Consider Meditation

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Why Consider Senior Meditation

For thousands of years, meditation has been practiced by people and cultures around the world. While commonly associated with esoteric and spiritual movements, meditation has some very real benefits, especially for older adults. At Denver Home Care Assistance, we take a holistic approach to care, promoting the physical, emotional, and cognitive needs of our clients, and wanted to share some of the tangible benefits that can be enjoyed by seniors who incorporate meditation into their daily routines.

Mental Benefits

Meditation has long been known to increase mental clarity, effectively slowing the decline of cognitive function in aging adults. Research has not found the exact mechanism by which this is accomplished, however, enhanced brain health and mental acuity is a big plus for seniors who wish to remain mentally sharp and clear as they age.

Emotional Benefits

Meditation focuses on deep breathing, calming the mind, and releasing bad energy, all which can lead to overall positivity for the practitioner. Seniors who meditate regularly often report feelings of relaxation and a sense of calm after a few sessions, which can range from five to thirty minutes a day, and a general sense of happiness. Such benefits can help seniors to attain a sense of purpose and accomplishment in their day-to-day life.

Physical Benefits

The physical benefits resulting from regular meditation are very clear, and include decrease in muscle aches and joint pain, better sleep, more energy, improved reflex reactions, and, in some cases, lowering of high blood pressure. Studies also report fewer incidences of depression and chronic disease in those who take time to meditate on a regular basis.

Achieving Peace & Happiness at Home

All of above mentioned benefits can help seniors remain active and healthy in their later years, so encourage your aging parent or loved one to give meditation a try! Family caregivers may consider practicing meditation with their senior loved ones to reap some of the benefits as well.

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