How the Strategic Planning Group on Aging Plans to Help Colorado Seniors

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Colorado Group on Aging

Colorado currently has one of the fastest-growing populations of aging adults in all of the United States. It is estimated that almost one in four of all adults living in Colorado will be age 60 or older in just 15 years. In order to prepare for this remarkable increase in the aging demographic, the Strategic Planning Group on Aging has devised a plan to assist seniors in maintaining easy access to vital resources and acceptable life qualities.

As a Colorado home care agency in Denver, we wanted to share information about this new legislation (HB-1033) and how the Strategic Plan on Aging is looking to establish concrete steps that enhance the way in which the challenges of a large, aging population are addressed by both public and private organizations.

The Economic Impact Of This Shift

One of the primary points of HB-1033 is to determine and prepare for the economic impact that this shift in demographics will have on the State of Colorado and its budget. The goal of the Strategic Planning Group is to prepare for the increased financial demands that this anticipated change will create for middle and low-income families, local and state budgets and for caregiving facilities and home care agencies.

Efforts will be made through HB-1033 to ensure sustainable and sufficient funding for Medicaid and local and state programs, devise and implement a public education campaign that promotes readiness among families, and improve the long-term effectiveness and quality of private, non-profit and government services that are outcome-based.

Financial And Labor Force Issues

In addition to addressing the changing financial needs of the state and Colorado residents, HB-1033 also seeks to address the increased demands that will be placed on the labor force. The Strategic Planning Group believes that this will be best accomplished through the combined efforts of government, non-profit and business groups. This new legislation will ultimately limit the strain that a growing senior demographic is expected to place on the state, its government, its citizens and its businesses.

At Home Care Assistance of Denver, we applaud the state’s proactive approach to creating a community that serves and protects our aging population. To learn more about support services for seniors in Denver and the surrounding communities, reach out to a friendly Home Care Assistance Care Manager today at 720-443-3371. We offer flexible hourly and live-in care for Denver seniors and are available 24/7 to answer questions or simply have a conversation.


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