Comprehensive Non-Medical Home Health Care for Stroke Rehabilitation for Wheat Ridge and Denver Seniors

Even though certain medical conditions and family history can help to predict stroke risk, many seniors are affected suddenly, leaving family members searching for ways to provide their aging loved ones with quality in-home health care. As you embark on this new and unfamiliar journey, it is important for your loved and your family to know that no matter where you are in the recovery process, there is hope. Home Care Assistance of Denver specializes in stroke rehabilitation with in-home health care, allowing seniors to receive the tailored one-to-one care they need for a safe, comfortable, and effective recovery.

Our Stroke Caregivers Provide Invaluable Support at Home

Our highly qualified Wheat Ridge/Denver stroke home health care providers have experience in senior care and are provided with extensive and advanced training in how to meet the needs of senior stroke survivors. While our caregivers provide assistance with the daily activities that your loved one is unable to perform, they also know how to encourage seniors to do as much as safely possible. By encouraging physical, occupational and speech therapy exercises, seniors can work on regaining confidence in simple daily activities from standing and walking to self-care skills such as personal grooming, feeding and dressing.

Comprehensive Home Health Care Reduces Risk of Stroke Recurrence

Did you know that about 30% of stroke survivors will experience a recurrent stroke within five years? While the statistic may be shocking, studies suggest that a majority of secondary strokes can be prevented through a combination of lifestyle changes, medical interventions, and proper support. To help decrease the risk of a second stroke for our elder clients, our highly trained caregivers provide specialty services and support including:

  • Nutritious meal preparation to maintain a diet low in calories, saturated fats, and trans-fats
  • Transportation to regular medical appointments to monitor blood pressure and cholesterol
  • Physical fitness assistance to promote activity and manage conditions such as diabetes
  • Medication reminders to make sure prescribed medications are being taken properly

Request a Complimentary Stroke Consultation Today

Interested in learning how a professional stroke caregiver from Home Care Assistance of Denver could benefit your loved one and your family? Reach out to a friendly and experienced Care Manager at (720) 443-3371and schedule a complimentary, no-obligation consultation. Serving the Denver, Wheat Ridge, and surrounding communities, Home Care Assistance provides stroke rehabilitation through in-home health care. Contact us today to