How to Make Exercise Fun for Seniors

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How to Make Elderly Exercise Fun

Recent studies have found that engaging in regular exercise can lengthen the lifespan of seniors by five or more years. Unfortunately, more often than not, limited mobility and other health issues often deter many older adults from engaging in regular activity. If you are concerned about a senior loved one’s physical health, know that healthful exercise is a possibility for almost any senior.

At Home Care Assistance of Denver, daily exercise is a part of our approach to care, the Balanced Care Method, and our caregivers continually strive to make exercise an activity that is not only beneficial physically, but emotionally as well. By focusing on the fun and exciting aspects of exercise, it is possible to encourage a senior loved one to get moving!

  • Shift Exercise Outdoors – Gardening is not only a hobby that produces beautiful flowers and delicious food, but it offers a great opportunity to enjoy healthful exercise. Gardening promotes strength, balance and range of motion for seniors, with studies even showing that the activity can engage a senior’s mind and ward off conditions such as dementia and depression. Seniors who have limited mobility or trouble bending can also enjoy gardening growing plants and vegetables in containers that are kept at waist level.
  • Try Something New – Strolling through the mall is gaining popularity in states throughout the nation, and is a great way for seniors to spend time with friends and engage in exercise in a relatively safe environment. Walking in enclosed shopping areas keeps seniors safe from hazards such as bad weather and traffic. The presence of other shoppers, sales clerks and security personnel provide an added element of safety. For even more peace of mind, consider hiring a part-time Denver caregiver to safely accompany your loved one on a walk around the local mall and provide companionship.
  • Enlist the Grandchildren – A senior who takes his or her grandchildren for an adventure at a local playground or state park can enjoy a great opportunity for outdoor exercise while spending precious time with their loved ones. Making the outings a regularly scheduled event will strengthen bonds and ensure that much-needed exercise and companionship is enjoyed.
  • Join a Class – Many larger health networks and insurance companies have seen the benefits that exercise provides for older adults and have started sponsoring exercise programs. Such classes are ideal for seniors because they are led by professionals who customize the exercises to meet the needs of older individuals. In addition to providing an opportunity for safe activity, the classes provide a social outlet for many seniors who may otherwise feel isolated.

Interested in learning more about senior fitness? Reach out to Home Care Assistance of Denver today. While we are recognized as the Denver live-in home care specialists, we also provide hourly care on an as-needed basis for seniors who need a helping hand or companionship a few times a week. Call us at 720-443-3371 to request more information or a complimentary, no-obligation consultation.


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