3 Ways Seniors Can Stay Active in Their Golden Years

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Easy Exercises for Seniors

It is no secret that older adults have less physical stamina than individuals who are in their 20s and 30s. That said, there is no reason to let nature take its course and let the body’s abilities naturally decline with age. There are many ways that older adults can maintain physical strength that can help protect their health and mental acuity. The following are a few of our favorite senior exercises at Home Care Assistance of Denver.

  1. Walking – Taking regular walks is an activity that most seniors can participate in every day. Walking is a good cardiovascular exercise that can be done almost anywhere and involves almost no special equipment. Good shoes that are specially designed for walking are recommended because they provide support and protect the body frame, especially the spinal column. When the weather is bad, seniors can head to the mall for their exercise, or walk the track at a local gym.
  2. Organized Classes – In recent years, many health insurance companies and health care networks around the country have been addressing the increasing need for preventative health care in the senior population. This has given rise to organized exercise classes that are designed to support seniors and older adults. Organized fitness classes are a growing trend that not only provides customized workouts, but also offers a unique outlet for like-minded seniors. Many times, these types of classes are followed by organized lunches and other events that can further support a healthy social life for older adults.
  3. Swimming – Swimming is an exceptionally great way for seniors to stay active. It is an exercise that provides a good workout, and it offers excellent skeletal support for older adults who are suffering from arthritis and other conditions that limit mobility. Swimming enhances flexibility in the hips, neck, arms and legs and improves strength without putting pressure on the bones and joints of the body. It is safer than other activities because there is no risk of falling and incurring a serious injury.

It is also important to note that seniors should always consult with their physician before starting a new exercise regimen. A physician will be able to determine a senior’s abilities, while providing recommendations for exercises that will be most beneficial.

If you have an aging parent or loved one that could use assistance or encouragement with daily exercise, reach out to Home Care Assistance of Denver and learn about our in-home care services and highly trained caregivers. With a care approach that focuses on daily exercise, nutritious eating and social ties, our senior clients are able to live happier, healthier lives in the comfort of home. For more information on hourly or live-in home care in Denver, call 720-443-3371 and schedule a complimentary, no-obligation consultation with a friendly Care Manager.


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