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Denver Home Care Promotes Preventative Health Screenings for Seniors

Preventative health screenings are an important factor to help keep seniors healthy as they age.  Early detection of a health problem allows senior adults to attain proper care before the problem develops or worsens. The earlier your elderly loved one receives medical assistance, the better chance they have to maintain their quality of life and minimize damaging effects of a chronic condition or illness.Denver home care offers a few preventative screenings to promote overall wellbeing for your loved one:

Blood Pressure and Cholesterol – By encouraging routine screenings of blood pressure and cholesterol, your loved one can monitor their health and make note of any dramatic changes that may require follow up care and treatment.  With a chronic condition like heart disease, there are no obvious symptoms until a stroke or heart attack occurs.  By monitoring blood pressure and cholesterol levels, your loved one has an improved chance of spotting symptoms associated with heart disease and similar debilitating conditions.

Blood Sugar and Glucose – Diabetes is detrimental to the health of senior adults and if left untreated can lead to other illness such as heart or kidney disease.  Scheduling routine doctor’s appointments or blood tests to review blood sugar and glucose levels provides a way to ensure there are no spikes or major changes in either.  Routine monitoring helps catch or minimize a problem such as diabetes as early as possible.

Bone Density – Bone density often declines in senior adults, putting them at higher risk for broken or fractured bones.  Preventive health screenings for a condition like Osteoporosis allows your loved one to receive help and medications as soon as possible.  By spotting a bone density problem early, further health problems or injury can be prevented.

Vision – Glaucoma and cataracts are two vision conditions with increased risk as we age. Regular appointments with the doctor or optometrist make sure your loved one is not experiencing any irregular problems with their sight or early symptoms of these conditions. Vision screenings also allow your loved one to receive early treatment if needed, preventing any further vision damage.

Other preventative screenings include routine vaccinations for common illnesses, particularly important for aging individuals with weakened immune systems.  Sit down with your loved one and their physician and discuss what screenings should be scheduled to prevent future health problems.  For concerned children of elderly individuals who are unable to provide transportation or accompaniment to these screenings, Denver senior care plans include assistance with travel to medical appointments.  Our reliable caregivers provide transportation to scheduled doctor’s appointments, the pharmacy for medication pickup or other various errands.  They also assist with activities of daily living including light housekeeping, laundry and dish washing as well as personal care and hygiene.

In addition to hourly or scheduled part time care, Denver in home care offers full time live-in care plans.  Our expertly trained caregivers provide help with daily tasks, personal care and hygiene as well as specialty care for individuals with age related illness such as dementia, Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s. The leading provider of home care, Home Care Assistance, offers quality care and support, encouraging a healthier and happier way of life for our senior clients.

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